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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Premium Member Katie MosleyFemale/United States Groups :iconarabiannationals: ArabianNationals
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deviation in storage by slime-stock
deviation in storage by slime-stock

To Do List

This Season:
:bulletred: Arrival photos of Mishaal (once payments are complete)
:bulletblue: Training Ajmal Nanja
:bulletblue: Training Aalimaar (Reach Finest)
:bulletblue: Training Mister Distant



What do you think about the ruling on Bayern's interference call in the BCC? 

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WFEC Mares

Wed Nov 5, 2014, 8:03 PM
Warrior Fields EC 
WFEC Mares
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Warrior Fields Shows and Results 
Warrior Fields Staff and Rules


Anashin Nile by CyrillicConsortium
SS+Anashin Nile
Foundation Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare
Halter prospect and Broodmare

El Sahara by CyrillicConsortium
El Sahara
Foundation Domestic Arabian 
Halter prospect and Broodmare

Carinosa the Princess by CyrillicConsortium
(SS+ Malevolent Daemon X Celtic Summer Dreamer) Egyptian Arabian
Halter Champion and Western Pleasure Prospect

Taj*+ by CyrillicConsortium
Foundation Russian Arabian 
XC, 3DE, Fox Hunt, HOF, HUS, ISJ and Dressage Champion, Top 5 and Top 10

Bint Rose by CyrillicConsortium
SS+Bint Rose
Foundation Russian Arabian
Dressage Prospect

Lil' Miss Starfyre by CyrillicConsortium
Foundation Egyptian Arabian
Halter prospect and Broodmare

Patriot Games- Western Pleasure by CyrillicConsortium
Foundation Polish Arabian
Western Pleasure Champion

Kist by CyrillicConsortium
Foundation Russian Arabian
Halter and Western Pleasure prospect

Careless Secrets by CyrillicConsortium
SS+Careless Secrets
(SS+ Alibhai*+ X SS+ Carinosa*+) Egyptian Arabian 
Endurance and Trail Prospect

Photo Coming Soon
SS+Boltz Afire
(Inhallah Ramshah X FEC Dangerous Game) Straight Egyptian Arabian
Halter, Trail and Endurance Prospect 

Bahie al Badiah by CyrillicConsortium
Bahie al Badiah
(Walmir X Redeemer of Farimir) Spanish Arabian 
Endurance and Trail prospect

Castaway Bey by CyrillicConsortium
Castaway Bey
Foundation Domestic Arabian
Sidesaddle and HUS prospect

Drama Queen by CyrillicConsortium
(SS+ Alibhai*+ X Andhera) Egyptian Arabian
Western Pleasure prospect

Calee Dirayat by CyrillicConsortium
SS+Calee Dirayat
(SS+ Alibhai*+ X Belleza Estrallas****) Egyptian Arabian
Western Pleasure, Halter and Liberty prospect, Champion halter filly

Yasmeen Leila by CyrillicConsortium
SS+Yasmeen Lila
( Al-Ashab Eblis* X Anashin Nile) Egyptian Arabian
English Pleasure prospect

The Three Stooges by CyrillicConsortium
SS+True Addiction*
(In A One Man Show*****X SS+ Carinosa*+) Domestic Arabian 
Halter and Liberty prospect

SS+Alibhai*+ X BRR’s Gabbar Negm*
All Around Western, Halter and Liberty prospect

SS+Hadia bint Shu'a*
Hanky Panky* X Shu'a Bint Bahie**
Endurance and Halter prospect


Katie Mosley
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States


Massive Mini Show Page 1 by CyrillicConsortium
Massive Mini Show Page 1
For this show: Massive Sheet Mini Show

From Left to Right 
Row 1: SS+ Amjal Nanja- Western Pleasure: SS+ Mister Distant- Western Pleasure: SS+ Mariana- Western Pleasure: SS+ Abaskist-Western Pleasure
Row 2: SS+ Carinosa*+- Western Pleasure: SS+ Mister Distant- Halter: SS+ Nisr ibn Alev- Halter: SS+ Abaskist- Halter
Row 3: SS+ Carinosa*+ - Halter: DSS Starfyre- Halter

No refs were used so some of the horses's are a bit.. wonky with their conformation. But it's just a mini show so I'm not too concerned with it :sweat: Thought I do like Ajmal up in the far left corner! 
Let's Fight For the Princess Title by CyrillicConsortium
Let's Fight For the Princess Title
  • Horse name: SS+ True Addiction* 
  • Horse reference: The Three Stooges
  • Class: Foal Halter
 I cannot think of a story right now. Stay tuned I might have something brilliant in store. 

My only non-black foal from the last crop :faint: can't beat her bloodlines though! No reference used. Also playing around with pastels for backgrounds. I think all I managed to accomplish was making a mess :faint: though I do like how this turned out. 
Kicking up snow? by CyrillicConsortium
Kicking up snow?
  • Horse name: SS+ Malevolent Daemon*+ 
  • Horse reference: Malevolent Daemon
  • Class: Stallion Liberty
"Maybe we should have trained Malev in dressage and not western events. His timing is perfect and I can see him performing well to carol of the bells this time of year Kate."
"Jose if you want him to be a dressage horse you can take the time to retrain him." 
Savanah stood there and quietly sang the song under her breath
"Hark are the bells, sweet silver bells"
Ashleigh looked at the blonde and grumbled a shut up. 
Savanah looked offended and with a few choice words and a name calling of Scrooge she left to get her camera. 
The staff stood and watched Malev play in the snow outside. Of course some of the trees around the stable were decorated for the holiday season and Malev made sure to check everything out. The snow started to come down again lightly and the stallion huffed, the staff swore, just to see his own breath. The never ending sass he was known for later lead him to kick the snow up with his front hooves. Making the extra effort to drag his hooves into the snow and as he extended have snow fly everywhere in small poofs. With horses like theirs- there is never a dull moment. Savanah was able to grab her camera in time to show the stallion kicking up another round of snow and enjoying, much more than his human counterparts, the winter season. 

No ref used. Major mixed media, Any strange white in the background is due to the fact I put glitter everywhere. It was a picture with my iphone so quality is not great- forgive me. If I can get a working SD card I'll update it! Since Tenebo has such a relaxed background rule I decided my Christmas doodles should be put to better use :D



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WhingedDreamingRose Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014 I finished it, hope you like it (: 
CyrillicConsortium Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It looks amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WhingedDreamingRose Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Awwh thank you!! <33 glad you like it! 
JubePotter Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the watch :love:
Helsinge Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey girl, happy birthday!  Hope you are well :tighthug:
CyrillicConsortium Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww thank you, I am! Hopefully I'll be able to get back on here in the near future :hug: How are you? Did I miss anything exciting in the past few weeks?Any new horses you want to show off to me? haha
Helsinge Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, you know me, if I were to go through all my new horses we'd be here all day, compulsive hoarder :roll:  Nah things are mostly same old same old, went back to college last week so been getting back into the study groove, really need to start focusing better than I have in past semesters.  But it'll work out fine I think.  Funnily enough it's actually making me more productive on the art front because now that my free time is limited to breaks between studying, I find myself much more reluctant to waste it just doing nothing, so I draw with a lot more focus now :XD:
CyrillicConsortium Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're preaching to the choir on that. I still have an unused design folder I'm working through! I have found the same thing as well! Now that I'm in college I have started drawing in my spare time. I can't say it has to do with using breaks efficiently like you are- it's probably just enhancing my procrastination! But either way it's exciting to come back and see all of your new art *off to stalk your gallery* :D
SvartalvStuteri Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I noticed you keep realistic warmbloods and I would like to invite you to my new group :D (Big Grin)
it's for realistic warmblood breeds to show and compete and earn fancy titles and rewards. All in good fun and for the sake of art. 
WhingedDreamingRose Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
The your horse here is finished :) hope you like it :) 
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